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About Iron Boots

All Iron Boots are fully handmade by our bootmaker Kai and 5 teammates together in a small studio at Guangzhou. They are built in handwelt or hand stitchdown construction. All our boots also utilize a channeled insole, which is stronger and lasts longer than normal Goodyear welted shoes/boots made by machines. Each pair is 100% hand welted, hand lasted, hand bottomed, and the outsole stitching is also done entirely by hand.

About Østmo Boots

Østmo Boots came to be in 2015, when 1986–born Norwegian Lars Jensen woke up one day with a wish to brush the dust off of Norwegian and Scandinavian footwear heritage. Although Lars himself is completely self-taught, the Østmo name is carried over from his paternal great-grandfather, Karl Johan Østmo, which was the shoemaker and cobbler in Lars’ home village Åsa in Ringerike, Norway during the early-to-mid 1900s. In fact, it was due to the discovery of Karl Johan’s old tools, lasts and half-finished projects while digging through a shed that Lars decided to try his own hand at the bootmaking craft.

Through Østmo, Lars has revived several boot, shoe designs that were last seen in production during the 1960s, with unique twists that pair well with contemporary aesthetics. Most notable is the Type I pattern, with its unique feature colloquially known as the “ankle swoopty”, which stands out among the crowd of other derby boot patterns.

About Østmo X Iron Boots

The Iron Boots X Østmo collaboration comes as a result of Lars’ wish to make his creations more widely available than what a single craftsperson can provide, while adhering to an unyielding level of material quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

About the Leather

Kangaroo leather features some of the strongest fibers of any leather, on average possessing 10X the tensile strength of cowhide. Due to these properties, it can be split down to a fraction of its full thickness while still maintaining its strength, enabling a thin, pliable, consistent leather that is unparalleled. They are full-grain, showcasing an incredible density and a rich, luxurious feel. Being full aniline, they display the leather's natural grain and beauty, which allows them to age and patina gracefully over time. The washing process results in an even softer temper than what is expected from kangaroo leather while also revealing even more character and grain on the surface. 

The aniline muschio color is warm in appearance, pairs incredibly well with the jade half-sole and brass hardware, and taken all together makes this particular pair almost too easy to pair with any outfit. Over time you can expect the color to change and develop with wear and for the leather to roll along the vamps and quarters as opposed to crease due to the properties of kangaroo leather. 


  • Moe last
  • Type I plain toe pattern
  • Washed MUSCHIO kangaroo leather from Maryam 
  • Choice of 8 brass eyelets / 3 speed hooks + 5 eyelets
  • Double Row Stitchdown construction
  • Fully lined
  • Felt as filler (instead of cork)
  • Leather as stiffener for both toe and heel
  • Structured toe
  • Green Dr. Sole 1140 half rubber sole
  • Dogger Heels
  • NOTE : our rivet only has brass color, no other color available.

Lead Time:

Typically within 5 months (orders from Mar. - Oct.)

Due to Lunar New Year holiday break and end of year surge, orders from Nov. - Feb. can take around 6-9 months to finish.


  • If you need any help, feel free to reach out to us. We will schedule a sizing consultation session (with Ticho)
  • For any other question or request regarding, feel free to email us at info@iron-boots.com, or DM our Instagram ironboots_usa.

Before Order:

  • Orders will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. We will close this out before this leather run out.
  • All MTO pairs are not returnable nor refundable. Please check our MTO polices here before making the order