Size Guide

How to pick your size

For size, generally we recommend you pick

  • Same size as your US size in most PNW boots, like Red Wing, Wolverine 1000 mile, Whites, Alden, or Viberg
  • Half size down your Brannock size
  • Half size down from most sneakers, like Nike
  • Half size up from your EG's UK size
  • Full size up from your CJ / Lobb's UK size

You can send us your sizes for all your boots & dress shoes that fit you well, and we can give you a sizing recommendation. Feel free to ask other folks on Instagram or Stitchdown Discord who have our boots for sizing advice as well.

Our default size support are between 5 to 13 (for old model that's 5 to 11), with width D, E and EE. If needed, we can do larger than 13, wider than EE (like EEE, EEEE), or narrower than D (like C and B), but we will need to charge additional 15% for ordering custom size last and additional material cost. Also the lead time will be longer due to the wait for the custom size last.


How to measure your feet

Based on our experience, self measure can be inaccurate sometimes, which has caused some issues for us. Because the difference between adjacent sizes is only around 3-4 mm, which is very small comparing with the observational error. So please always send us sizes of all those boots and shoes that fit you well at the same time.

To to measurement, here are how we suggest you to do it in order to reduce the chance of observational error.

  1. You will need someone else to measure you, so you can stand there in your normal pose, without trying to bend, or do anything the might put additional pressure on your feet.
  2. Please wear the sock you are used to wear (or plan to wear with this pair). Very thin vs very thick socks could change the size by half size.
  3. Please stand on top of a standard size paper, so that we can get everything right when you scan and send to us (letting us know the size of the paper, like A4, B5, etc).
  4. When the other person is drawing the shape of your feet, please make sure the pen is perpendicular to the paper. Please include the diameter of your pen on the paper as well.
  5. When the other person is measuring with the ruler, please make sure the ruler is pulled tight, but not too tight that you feel discomfort. Also, please measure 2 sets of data, one is when you are standing as normal, one is when you are sitting. Please mark which measure is standing and which is sitting.
  6. Please measure length, waist, ball, instep, heel and ankle. You can check the photo down below.
  7. After you get everything, please scan and send to this email