Maryam Ruggine Shell Cordovan Devil Dog (Pre-order Deposit) (Closed!)

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About Bootmaker

All Iron Boots are fully handmade by our bootmaker Kai and 5 teammates together in a small studio at Guangzhou. They are built in handwelt or hand stitchdown, with channelled insole construction, which are stronger and last longer than normal Goodyear welted shoes/boots made by machines. Each pair is 100% hand welted, hand last, hand bottomed, and also hand-sewn outsole stitch.

About Leather:

Maryam Tannery is a famous Italy tannery located in Tuscany. Hailing from the heart of Italy, Maryam Leather prides itself on its century-old tradition of tanning, perfecting the art of transforming horsehide into exquisite shell cordovan.

Quoting from Maryam: "Shell cordovan is an equine skin made with the flat fibrous muscle (or shell) under the skin on the horse's rump also called the breech. It is worked on the part of the cartilage while keeping the flower inside and only the master tanners can bring this particular preciousness to completion. The leather takes its name from the city of Cordoba, in Spain, where it was first produced by the Visigoths in the 7th century and later in the countries of northern Africa.

It is difficult and expensive leather to make. Between the 19th and early 20th centuries, it was mainly used to sharpen the razors of barbers. More recently it has been increasingly used for shoes, wallets, bags and watch straps; thanks to its aesthetic qualities and its exceptional durability which makes it the maximum expression of the tanning art."

About GMTO:

This is just the 50% cost as deposit! Need to pay the other half when the pair are done. An email will be sent to you when your pair are ready. If the remaining is not paid within 14 days, you will be considered as giving up the pair, and you will lose your deposit. All deposits are not refundable. 

For this GMTO, if there are over 20 people joined, we will be able to order enough leather from Maryam to qualify the volume discount, and we will be able to offer a further discount ($100) for everyone! It will reduce everyone's remaining. If that's the case, an announcement will be made over our Instagram account : ironboots_usa

Also, to make everything simple, surcharge (like leather sole, extra shell for large size) will only apply in the deposit, and won't be in the remaining. So everyone's remining will be the same, which is $650 or $550 if we can get volume discount.

About Boots:

  • Using last Devil Dog, based on dress shoe last but wider, features slightly wider toe box, and provides better heel grip and arch support!
  • Stitchdown construction by hand
  • All Shell Cordvoan will be half-lined for the sake of comfort
  • Using soft Rosewood Brown Scotch Grain Annonay Calf as tongue
  • Structured brogue cap toe
  • Solid brass eyelets / speed hooks / rivets
  • High spi (depends on construction, usually 7-10)
  • Using felt as filler (instead of cork)
  • Using leather shank (instead of steel)
  • Using leather as stiffener for both toe and heel

Lead Time:

Pre-orders are available from Nov. 2023 to Jan. 2024. Shell will be ordered after we get all pre-orders, and we will start to make them after the leather is ready. We hope we can get them ready in June or July.


  • Pick the same size as your Red Wing Heritage, Alden (Barrie), or Whites.
  • Half size down your Brannock size.
  • Half to a full size down from most sneakers.

For any question or request regarding sizing or customization, feel free to email us at, or DM our Instagram ironboots_usa.

Before Order:

  • Check this post to get more insights of all those leather options we offer.
  • Please check our MTO polices here before making the order
Devil Dog