Pitman MTO (Kudu Special Edition)

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About Bootmaker

All Iron Boots are fully handmade by our bootmaker Kai and 5 teammates together in a small studio at Guangzhou. They are built in handwelt or hand stitchdown, with channelled insole construction, which are stronger and last longer than normal Goodyear welted shoes/boots made by machines. Each pair is 100% hand welted, hand last, hand bottomed, and also hand-sewn outsole stitch.

About Leather

Kudu is an African antelope, known for its soft, yet durable hide, and it is notable for its unique texture and quality. The Kudu's hide offers a unique combination of ruggedness and elegance, making it an ideal material for premium leather goods.

Waxed Kudu is made by C.F. Stead in UK. It has distinctive grain pattern, with natural scars and markings that tell a story of its wild origins. The waxing process gives the leather a smooth, slightly glossy finish while maintaining its inherent softness and flexibility. This treatment not only imparts a subtle sheen but also provides additional protection and water resistance, making the leather more resilient against the elements.

Kudu Reverse is made by C.F. Stead in UK. The suede side is particularly soft to the touch, a result of C.F. Stead's specialized "Janus" tannage process, which also ensures the material's strength. Kudu Reverse leather is celebrated for its soft, supple texture, making it extremely comfortable for wear. 

About Boots:

  • Pitman last is wide, and offers a lot of toe room. But the length is a tiny little shorter than other last. You can pick the same size as our other lasts
  • All Pitman are done in stitchdown construction
  • High spi (depends on construction, usually 7-10)
  • Using felt as filler (instead of cork)
  • Using leather shank (instead of steel)
  • Using leather as stiffener for both toe and heel
  • Dr Sole rubber sole included

Lead Time:

Typically within 3-4 months (other than orders from Nov. - Feb.)

Due to Chinese New Year holiday break and end of year surge, orders from Nov. - Feb. usually will take around 5-8 months to finish.


  • Pick the same size as your Red Wing Heritage, Alden (Barrie), or Whites.
  • Half size down your Brannock size.
  • Half to a full size down from most sneakers.

For any question or request regarding sizing or customization, feel free to email us at info@iron-boots.com, or DM our Instagram ironboots_usa.

Before Order:

  • Check this post to get more insights of all those leather options we offer.
  • Please check our MTO polices here before making the order