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About Try On Pairs Service:

  • Try On Pairs Service is only available for customers in USA, because of the shipping cost & custom issues. Please don't order if you are not in USA.
  • Since we don't charge deposit for the pair, we require an open order with us as a deposit. You need to enter your open order number to request this service. Otherwise, we won't be able to ship the try on pairs to you. Note: a payment processing fee will be charged if you want to cancel this service
  • The charge is only for the round trip shipping. A return label will be provided in the try on pairs' box, or you can get it from us through email. If you also live in SF Bay area, you can contact me to schedule a visit in person instead.
  • Try on pairs are built with TCO last, only in D width, and only limited sizes available.
  • For try on pairs, we only have 1 pair per size. So it could take some extra time to ship the pair to you, if others are also trying that size. 
  • The leather used for those try on pairs is very soft and also unlined. So the try on pairs seem a little small for you, the actual pair will for sure be smaller than you need. Don't stretch it. Make sure there is enough toe room in the try on pairs (around 1-2 finger, 2-3cm), and it's ok to feel there is a little extra room in the try on pairs. Also you will feel the facing would come closer than the normal TCO.
  • The try on pairs are half finished boots, and they are supposed to be worn. So feel free to take a walk with them to confirm the sizing. But don't go extrme on them.

About TCO last:

  • You can always pick the same sizes across all our models & lasts, unless you have a very narrow / wide feet, or you have a special shape foot which usually have a fit issue.
  • TCO (The Chosen One), Devil Dog and Zero lasts all have a higher instep. So the facing may come closer than other lasts. For all other lasts, the instep is normal.
  • Please check our sizing guide first!